General Legal Services

From family law and property law to alternative dispute resolution, count on the legal services from the Law Office of Thomas M. Bundy based in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Mr. Bundy works with you to create a comprehensive plan to move you forward in your legal dispute.

Family Law

Mr. Bundy's extensive knowledge of the law and compassion allow him to represent you during difficult life experiences. 

Personal Injury

Whether you have fallen victim to someone else's negligence or suffered an accident, make sure you have someone in your corner fighting to get everything to which you are legally entitled; Mr. Bundy goes through all the details and steps of filing a claim. He can work on contingency to ensure you only pay if you win.

Property and Real Estate

Mr. Bundy has an extensive background in real estate and property issues dating back to his years before he was an attorney. From foreclosure proceedings and land sale contracts to zoning issues, let his years of experience go to work for you.

Surplus Funds

After a foreclosure, there may be funds left over to which the original homeowner may make a claim at a later time. See if you are entitled to those funds with help from Mr. Bundy's law firm.


Whether you are wrongfully terminated or a victim of harassment, make sure you have someone fighting in your corner. Depending on your case, Mr. Bundy may work on contingency.

Civil Rights

If you are dealing with discrimination based on race, sexual orientation, gender, or age, you can rely on the Law Office of Thomas M. Bundy to back you up. Mr. Bundy has a great understanding of the law in this field, and even works on contingency, depending on the specifications of your case.


Contract Law

We can draft contracts that you need or review contracts that require your signature to make sure you are aware of the obligations contained therein.  Standard attorney fees apply for this service.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Most civil matters do not end up in front of a jury.  We have provided ADR services for attorneys whose clients are caught up in legal disputes, warring neighbors, and even families going through marital struggles. Whether you are settling a family matter or a civil and commercial issue, arbitration and mediation may be ways to avoid expensive court trials.

Contact Thomas with any questions regarding his areas of expertise in legal practice.